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Hebridean Granite

Type: Hebridean Heather

SKU: MWS1313

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The Hebrides, influenced by both Celts and Vikings, boast a rich history. Initially occupied by Vikings from 700 to 900 AD, they later fell under Norse control around 1098, blending both cultures significantly. Language, notably, bears this cultural fusion. Reflecting the rugged beauty of the Hebrides, the Hebridean Granite Tartan, designed by weaver Cai Matthews, features earthy browns, greys, and greens reminiscent of the region's granite stones. Celebrating the island's maritime heritage, it pays tribute to the resilience of its people, deeply intertwined with the sea through centuries of fishing and maritime industries. Inspired by the landscape's rugged cliffs and windswept beaches, this tartan has become a popular choice for celebrating Scottish heritage and appreciating the beauty of Scottish textiles. Symbolizing the Hebrides' rich history and culture, it showcases the blend of Celtic and Norse influences seen in the region's traditions, music, and art. A testament to modern Scottish weaving skill and creativity, the Hebridean Granite Tartan embodies the unique spirit of the Hebrides and continues to be an enduring symbol of Scottish heritage.

A History of Tartan & Traditions

Once upon a time, in the misty highlands of Scotland, there existed a tradition as rich and colorful as the land itself - the tradition of tartan. Its origins, like the swirling patterns of its design, are woven with threads of history, culture, and heritage.

Long ago, in the rugged terrain of Scotland, clans roamed the land, each with its own identity, allegiance, and pride. To distinguish themselves, they adopted a unique pattern of woven cloth, which became known as tartan. Originally crafted from the natural dyes of the Highlands, tartan bore the hues of heather, moss, and sky, mirroring the rugged beauty of Scotland's landscapes.

As clans gathered for feasts and festivities, the tartan became a symbol of unity and belonging. It draped proudly over broad shoulders and fluttered in the wind as clansmen strode through the glens. Each pattern told a story - of battles fought, alliances forged, and the bonds of kinship that held the clans together.

Through centuries of turmoil and triumph, tartan remained a steadfast emblem of Scottish identity. It adorned warriors in battle, graced the halls of nobility, and warmed the hearts of families gathered by the hearth. Even in times of hardship, when kilts were banned and tartan outlawed, its spirit endured, whispered in secret and preserved in memory.

Today, the legacy of tartan lives on, celebrated by Scots around the world and cherished by all who admire its beauty and tradition. At Kilts and Trews, we honor this heritage, weaving the threads of the past into the fabric of the present. From traditional clan tartans to modern interpretations, our kilts and trews carry on the legacy of Scotland's most iconic symbol.

So let us raise a glass to tartan - a timeless tribute to the spirit of Scotland, woven into the very fabric of our history and our hearts.

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Authenticity Guaranteed

Kilts & Trews collaborate with Tailors and Kiltmakers throughout Scotland with years of expertise and dedication to their craft, who use only the finest fabrics and textiles. We guarantee that your garments will be a fully authentic Scottish outfit that will stand the test of time. Our own exclusive in house tartans are heavily inspired by iconic Scottish scenery.

100% made in Scotland.

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